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An Elvis impersonator in front of a Las Vegas sign.

Prevent Impersonator Fraud

Falling for an impersonation scam could lead to significant money loss, fraud and identity theft. But with the these tips, you have the power to shield yourself.

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A family having fun outside of their home

Facts and Myths About Home Loans

A home loan is a loan offered by banks and other financial institutions to help finance the purchase of a property. A home loan is also known as a “mortgage.”

A father and son having fun playing with building blocks inside their home

First-Time Homebuyer: 5 Benefits You Should Know

Buying a home in North Carolina for the first time can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with programs that can make it easier and more affordable.

Person writing in a notebook while another person uses their phone

What’s The Right Checking Account for Your Business

A variety of business checking accounts are available to organizations of every size, but which is best for yours? There’s no one-type-fits-all, so let’s examine some of the products and services offered by F&M Bank

Person checking stock prices on phone and laptop

5 Questions to Ask An Investment Banking Firm

Looking for an Investment Banker in North Carolina? Need help planning for college, retirement, or trust & estate planning? This curated list of questions to ask an advisor can help make your search easier and more effective

Person signing documents for their business loan.

Startup Business Loans: The Hunt For Capital

When it comes to sourcing funds for your startup business in North Carolina, business loans are among the most popular options. This article describes the common types available, their benefits and reasons you may or may not be approved for these loans.

Person checking mortgage rates on laptop

What Type of Mortgage Rate Can I Get With My Credit Score?

Are you thinking of applying for a mortgage in North Carolina and wondering whether you’re ready financially? This guide will help you understand how your information is weighed.

Family having having fun in front of home

Understanding Home Equity Loans and Rates

Are you a homeowner in need of money for a project? A home equity loan might be the best financial solution for you.

A commercial lending team member assisting a client

Understanding Commercial Loans And How They Work

Andrew and Mary Walker, proprietors of Across the Pond Bed & Breakfast in Salisbury. The Walkers undertook a 6-month restoration project

Person paying for goods at local shop

Business Loans: Why Banks Say No

When a small business owner approaches a local or national bank for a business loan, it is usually because they are unable to acquire funding through other sources.

Couple working on laptop together

7 Finance Tips From Investment Advisors

Being financially competent is critical these days. In a world filled with endless investment opportunities and experts who claim to know what you should be doing