Certificates of Deposit

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Grow your money over a short period of time with Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Choose your term, and when it matures, you’ll have the option to renew your investment at a current interest rate, cash out or transfer your funds to another investment or savings account. With a guaranteed return on your investment and the security of FDIC insurance up to maximum limits, CDs make a great choice during any market condition. 

Fixed-Rate Certificate of Deposit 

Save over a specific period of time and earn a guaranteed return on your money.

  • Minimum Opening Balance - $1,000 deposit required to open account 
  • Terms from six (6) months to four (4) years 
  • Interest rate fixed during CD term 
  • Interest paid monthly or quarterly, depending on your term 
  • No deposits allowed until maturity
  • Withdrawals are subject to penalty 

Liquid Certificate of Deposit 

This CD allows you to save over a specific period of time with the benefit of being able to increase or decrease the deposit. 

  • Minimum Opening Balance - $5,000 deposit required to open account
  • Ability to add or withdraw, subject to limitations
  • 24-month term 

Jumbo CD

The minimum deposit for a Jumbo CD is $100,000. Terms for this CD range from 3 to 12 months. Rates can change daily, so be sure to call any F&M Bank office for a quote.

To learn more about our Certificates of Deposit, contact an F&M team member or stop by any F&M location.

Note: See product disclosures for additional information on each account.