4 Immediate Measures To Take After Losing Your Debit Card

A person lost their wallet on the sidewalk.

Is your debit card gone? Acting fast can prevent a relatively minor mishap from having major repercussions for your financial life.

As soon as you notice that your debit card is missing, follow this checklist to get back on track:

Contact Your Bank Or Card Issuer

Your first call should be your bank—even if you’re not sure whether you’ve simply misplaced the card or whether it was stolen. They’ll take immediate measures to help prevent loss.

You’ll find your bank’s contact information online, on your bank statement, and on your bank’s app. You may also be able to cancel and/or suspend your debit/credit card on your bank’s website or app. Next, check your account balance to make sure no one has used any funds.

A word of caution: Do your due diligence regarding the bank’s contact information or the issuer’s bank information to avoid scammers. Thieves create fake websites to ensnare panicked clients, and disclosing your banking details to scammers will compound the problem.

Ask For A Temporary Freeze Or Card Cancellation

When you notify the institution, ask for a temporary freeze, which prevents the card from working until you reactivate it.

If you’re unable to freeze your card, simply cancel it and get a replacement. Your bank or card issuer will walk you through the steps.

Notify Billing Providers

After your card is temporarily frozen or canceled, it’s time to notify service providers.

Canceling your card means providers won’t receive payments from that account, so you must notify them as soon as possible and provide a replacement card number to avoid late fees.

Follow Up With The Issuer By Email

For peace of mind—or if you can’t reach anyone at your financial institution by phone—you may want to send an email to ensure they receive the necessary information.

When your debit card goes missing, don’t waste time: Contact your bank or card issuer immediately to protect your money. If you’re a client of F&M Bank in the Charlotte, NC, area, we’ll act fast to help ensure your funds are safeguarded with our card management system.