Client Reviews

F&M Bank is in the business of helping local businesses succeed. So when we hear that our products and expertise have made a real difference for them, we want to shout it from the rooftop. From timely, customized service to technology that increases productivity (and profitability), business clients have a lot to say about F&M Bank. Click on the links below to read their stories!

Headshot of F&M Bank business banking customer John Nichols

The Nichols Company

When the economic bubble burst in 2007, plenty of real estate companies went under. If not for a quick course correction and bankers who believed in them, The Nichols Company might have been one of them. Instead, it celebrated 20 years in business in 2019 and is still going strong.

Speedway Harley-Davidson business banking client

Speedway Harley-Davidson

Aimee Thomas, owner of Speedway Harley-Davidson in Concord, knows how fortunate she is to wake up every morning and look forward to her workday. “I think I’m probably one of the lucky few who get to say that,” she says. “I’m truly blessed to do what I do.”

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Salisbury Scuba shop owner dressed up in dive gear at the shop

Greg Culp

Most locals know Hap’s for its great burgers and hot dogs, but they may not have known that long-time owner Greg Culp usually had diving on his mind while he was flipping those burgers and hot dogs. Today, thanks to a little help from F&M Bank, he’s finally living his dream as the owner of Salisbury Scuba.

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Garmen Homes business banking clients

Garman Homes

Jim Garman has learned two things in the decade since his company’s launch: to expect the unexpected and to count on support from F&M Bank’s Director of Lending in the Triangle area, A.J. Critelli.

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Harris Morrison Company business banking clients

Harris Morrison Company 

It takes a special kind of vision to look at a vacant Coca-Cola bottling plant adjoining a defunct creamery and see a thriving business center. Luckily for Concord residents, Harris Morrison had that vision.
New Zion Baptist Church business banking clients

New Zion Baptist Church

When it was time to build a new space for the over 120-year-old congregation, New Zion turned to the institution they knew and trusted. Not only had F&M been the church’s go-to bank for at least half a century, but many members also used the local office for their personal banking.
The Rosemyr Corporation business banking clients

The Rosemyr Corporation

Peanut butter and jelly, Romeo and Juliet … some things are just meant to be. That’s how it is with The Rosemyr Corporation and F&M Bank.

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