Debit Cards

A father paying for ice cream for his family with his debit card.

Spending your own money should be hassle-free. That’s why F&M Bank makes managing your day-to-day expenses fast, easy and secure. Your F&M Bank debit card empowers you to spend money — free from credit card debt, late fees or interest charges. And Mastercard® is accepted at millions of places worldwide, giving you more financial freedom, flexibility and control.

Benefits of your F&M Bank Debit Card: 

  • It’s easy. No need to write a check—just swipe or insert and go.
  • It’s everywhere. Make purchases and pay bills with merchants displaying the Mastercard logo. 
  • It’s trackable. Every transaction can be viewed almost immediately via Online Banking and the F&M Bank Mobile App. Transactions also show up on your monthly statement.
  • It’s safe. With Mastercard’s Zero Liability policy, you won’t be liable for promptly-reported, unauthorized purchases or ATM transactions. Plus, there’s no need to provide any personal information when you use it—just a three-digit security code to assist in verifying your identity.