Female F&M Bank client checking her bank statement on her phone

This is technology that truly makes your life easier. There are so many reasons to switch to eStatements, but perhaps the biggest is convenience. You’re always on your phone or computer anyway; why not check out your bank account statements while you’re there?

eStatement Features & Benefits

  • Contains the same information as paper statements
  • Password protected for your security
  • Ability to print and save your online bank statements and canceled check images
  • View up to 18 months of online bank account statements and 18 months of notices from date of enrollment
  • Protection against mail fraud and identity theft
  • Access statements online days earlier than you would receive paper statements

To Get Started

  • Log into F&M Online Banking or your Mobile App
  • Select the main slide-out menu, and then select Accounts
  • Select a relevant account
  • On the Account detail screen, select Statements & Notices
  • Click or tap on Documents and Settings
  • If you would like to enroll all of your accounts:
    • Select Enroll All Available Accounts and Document Types Shown
    • Select Save Settings.
    • Accept the service agreement terms presented
  • If you would like to enroll on a per-account basis:
    • Select the desired check boxes next to the Account you wish to enroll
    • Select Save Settings
    • Accept the service agreement terms presented