F&M Bank Unveils New Website, Showcasing Commitment to Clients, Innovation & Community

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website, designed to enhance the online banking experience for our clients and highlight our deep commitment to the community.

The unveiling of F&M Bank’s dynamic new website comes on the heels of our successful Mobile App and Online Banking upgrade last year, which set the stage for a seamless user experience for our clients. F&M Bank is dedicated to offering the latest technological advancements that make banking faster, easier and safer. Our Mobile App and Online Banking has given clients the flexibility to securely manage their finances anytime, anywhere — with the same exceptional service online that they receive in person. 

Effortless Accessibility

The centerpiece of our website's redesign is its effortless accessibility. Clients will find it easier than ever to locate the information they need, whether it's about our wide range of financial services, helpful resources or updates on our community engagement. We also crafted the new layout to seamlessly adapt to different devices, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience across platforms.

"We view technology as a means to connect with our community and enrich our clients' lives," said F&M Bank Chairman & CEO Steve Fisher. "Our new website serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to improving our clients' banking experiences, while showcasing the unique bond we share with the communities we serve."

A Local Touch

What truly sets our new website apart is its local touch. As a local bank with a tradition of community service, our new website proudly showcases F&M Bank’s community efforts through the dedicated Community Connection page.

For over a century, we’ve had the honor of helping make the communities we serve better places to work and live. On our Community Connection page, we’ll share some of our favorite stories about some of our favorite people, places, and partners.

Our commitment to the community is also evident in the site’s design. One of the standout features of our new website is the custom local photography on every page. This new design not only reflects our ties to North Carolina, but also the value we place on recognizing, honoring and serving our neighbors.

Beyond serving our clients, F&M Bank recognizes our responsibility to educate and empower everyone we can. Our new website's Security Center and Educational Resources pages provide a wealth of information that offer valuable insights into financial security and wellness. These resources underscore our dedication to being a trusted source of knowledge for both our clients and the entire community.

Embracing Innovation

The launch of our new website is one example of F&M Bank’s tradition of embracing innovation and providing unparalleled client experiences. With its user-friendly design, celebration of community connections and comprehensive educational resources, this new website stands as a symbol of our loyal support for our clients. We’re more than just a bank; we’re a true partner in building financial success.