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Online Banking

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Tech That Recognizes You

A faster way to login that’s also more secure? Count us in! Touch ID® and Face ID® are the
latest ways to access your F&M Bank accounts, and all it takes is your fingerprint or your face.

Using advanced biometrics, this technology “reads” your unique features to authenticate your
identity. And this enhanced security flexes with most changes to your appearance. Decided to
grow a mustache or swap your contacts for glasses? Face ID still knows it’s you.

Get Started: Touch ID

Pull up “Settings” on your device, and enter any passcode you may have already set up under “Touch ID & Passcode.” Choose “Add a Fingerprint” and follow the simple directions.

Get Started: Face ID

First, enroll your face, either during the initial setup process or later by going to “Settings” and then “Face ID & Passcode.” Once your face is enrolled, simply glance at your device to unlock it. For additional help, visit Apple Support.

Update or install the F&M Mobile App by going to the App Store and selecting the latest version. Then it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select the app, and you’ll receive the Touch ID or Face ID setup.
  2. Follow the directions for setup.
  3. The next time you open the F&M Mobile App, you’ll be able to use Touch ID or Face ID.

Because Touch ID and Face ID are Apple products, they’re only available for iPhones and iPads. We look forward to expanding it to more of our online banking clients as soon as Google introduces similar technology for Android apps.

Ready to get started? Visit the Online Banking & App Experience page today!