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Online Banking

Losing your debit card or mobile device can be unsettling. Not only is it inconvenient and potentially expensive, but it’s natural to worry about the safety of your financial information. At F&M Bank, we’ll do our best to help you secure your data. 

Lost Card 

If your F&M Bank Debit Card goes missing, call your local F&M branch during business hours, or 888-297-3416 after hours. You can also email us at We’ll get to work locking down your account. 

Freeze your Card

Freezing your card prevents purchases, withdrawals or transfers. It’s an ideal way to secure your account for any reason. If you have lost your card, follow the directions on our Debit Card Freeze page to secure your card.

When you’re ready, it takes just two taps to reactivate your card. You decide whether or not your card is activated for use with this security tool from F&M Bank. 

Lost Mobile Device 

If your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, contact your wireless service provider to have your device deactivated. But because most of us leave traces of our financial lives on our devices, we also recommend you deactivate the device via F&M’s Online Banking. 

  • Log into Online Banking 
  • Click “ Options” 
  • Select “ Mobile Settings” 
  • Uncheck “ Enable Web Access For Your Mobile Device” 
  • Click “ Submit” 

The good news: in order to access any account information through Mobile Banking, you must enter your password or use Touch ID®/Face ID® every time you open it. If your device is lost or stolen, no one can access your Mobile Banking App without your username and password. The ultimate defense—not to mention an easy way for you to log in—is Touch ID, a technology that reads your fingerprint on your iPhone or iPad, rather than relying on a password.