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Online Banking

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An F&M Bank Visa® Debit Card works like a check, only better! This everyday financial tool is used like a credit card at checkout, but because it’s linked to your F&M checking account, purchases are deducted directly from your account balance. No racking up interest charges or borrowing money. And Visa is accepted at millions of places worldwide, giving you maximum convenience in one little card. 

Benefits of your F&M Bank Debit Card: 

  • It’s easy. No need to write a check—just swipe or insert and go.
  • It’s everywhere. Make purchases and pay bills with merchants displaying the Visa logo. 
  • It’s trackable. Every transaction can be viewed almost immediately via Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Transactions also show up on your monthly statement. 
  • It’s safe. With Visa’s Zero Liability policy, you won’t be liable for promptly-reported, unauthorized purchases or ATM transactions. Plus, there’s no need to provide any personal information when you use it—just a three-digit security code to assist in verifying your identity.