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Online Banking

Welcome to a new era of stress-free card management with MyCardRules™.

Whether you’ve used other debit card management apps before or not, we think you’ll love exploring all the ways in which MyCardRules puts you in control of your F&M Bank Debit Mastercard.

Just a few benefits of MyCardRules:

  • Instantly turn a card OFF if it’s lost, stolen or being misused
  • Set a specific spending limit for transactions
  • Get an alert every time a card is used
  • Decline in-store or online transactions based upon your settings

And because MyCardRules puts YOU in control, you can customize everything from the way you receive alerts to the types of purchases allowed.

The power to manage your spending and prevent fraud before it starts is now in the palm of your hand with MyCardRules.


watch a short video about MyCardRules and see FAQs 


Download the app now!

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*F&M Bank card rules/blocks take priority over MyCardRules settings.