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Online Banking
What is Google Pay?
Google Pay is a contactless payment feature that allows you to pay merchants using a mobile device (Cell phone, tablet, etc).

How does Google Pay work?
Google Pay creates a virtual version of your debit/credit card assigning device account numbers for additional security. You pay using your mobile device instead of using your physical card.

Is Google Pay safe?
Google Pay is extremely secure as it doesn’t send your debit/credit card information to merchants. A virtual account number is assigned to your card versus having your actual card number tied to each transaction. The Mastercard® Zero Liability Protection is still valid when using Google Pay.

What is the cost associated with Google Pay?
F&M Bank does not charge to use Google Pay. Your mobile carrier may have fees/charges that apply based on your data plan.

Who accepts Google Pay?
For a list of participating retailers, click here or look for the contactless payment symbols at checkout.

What if I have additional questions about Google Pay?
For additional information on Google Pay click here.

Can I use multiple cards with Google Pay?
Yes, you can add multiple cards with Google Pay. Purchases will always be deducted from your default card which you can change at any time by going to your Google Pay App, selecting the card and changing the default option.

How will I know a transaction was approved and went through?
A confirmation will appear on your screen confirming the completion of your payment on your mobile device.

What should I do if my card is lost/stolen or compromised?
Immediately delete the card from Google Pay and contact F&M Bank to have your card cancelled (or complete this via F&M Online Banking or the Mobile App). You will need to dispute any transactions that may have been fraudulent.

What should I do if my device is lost/stolen?
Immediately contact your service provider and report it lost or stolen and then contact F&M Bank to have your debit card cancelled.