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Debit card fraud has met its match 

F&M Bank’s Card Guardian service is a new way to help identify potential debit card fraud. This FREE* opt-in program uses transaction alerts to ensure that big-ticket and remote purchases made on your card are actually yours.

When you sign up for Card Guardian, F&M Bank will send a text alert** when a transaction is:

  • Greater than $125
  • Made without your card physically present (online or over the phone, for example)
  • Out of state
  • International 

Then What?

When you receive an alert for a purchase you authorized, you don’t do anything!

If the alert text suggests a fraudulent charge, call the number (provided in the text message) for next steps.

Benefits of Card Guardian

  • Card Guardian helps you stay in control of your debit card activity with nearly real-time alerts of potentially fraudulent transactions. 
  • Alerts are sent right to your mobile phone.
  • You’ll receive quick assistance in the event of unauthorized activity. 
  • Text “HELP” to receive a number you can call for immediate support.

Card Guardian is designed not only for your security, but also for your convenience. You can set the alerts to “Do Not Disturb” at any time, and you won’t receive texts during that timeframe. You can also cancel the program simply by replying “STOP.”

Register for Card Guardian

  • Click here to sign up. You’ll need your debit card number(s) and zip code to enroll.
  • Enter the mobile number where you’ll receive text alerts.
  • Complete enrollment by texting a code that we’ll provide. 
  • Receive a text that verifies your enrollment. 

Enrollment in Card Guardian is good for one year. We’ll notify you near the expiration date so you can choose whether to renew for another year.

*Wireless carriers may charge fees for text transmissions or data usage.

**Alerts are subject to change without notice based on fraud trends.