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Dare to Dream:

Integro and the SBC Help Shape the Future of Salisbury

Integro Technologies was built to help companies ensure quality control for the products they manufacture. And when your job is to make businesses better, you expect the same from those who support your business. That’s why Integro banks with F&M.

Since 2005, Integro President and CEO, Shawn Campion, has been a part of the company his brother, Tom, launched. Shawn sees F&M as the bank that took the time to really understand Integro’s vision. That willingness helped bring to life the Salisbury Business Center (SBC), which not only houses Integro, but a long list of organizations that are making downtown Salisbury the place to be.

Campion has done his personal banking with F&M since the early 2000s, so when the idea for the SBC arose, he knew right where to go. “We had approached other banks years ago about different projects, but no one seemed willing to invest the time to get to know our business and understand what we were all about,” he says. “For a project this important, we wanted to make sure we got the right banking partner.”

Integro’s business model, coupled with its international client list of Fortune 500 companies, means the firm’s payment schedules aren’t black and white. But F&M Bank’s Tim Proper dug into how the company operated, and, in the end, F&M created a credit solution (along with the Small Business Administration) that made the SBC possible.

The downtown Salisbury facility is more than a place from which to operate Integro; it’s an investment in the future of Salisbury and Rowan County. Campion was pretty sure F&M would understand that. “F&M is very involved in the community on multiple fronts, from individuals to the bank as a whole,” he says. “They understood the risk we were undertaking in building there, but also the drive to do so.”

It’s a risk that Campion and the entire Integro leadership felt strongly about. The company had always been housed in downtown Salisbury, and staff members loved the option of walking to lunch or riding their bikes to work. Their obvious preference of headquarter sites confirmed what Campion already believed: Salisbury was going places. And if Integro could be a small part of that movement by providing workspace to fellow businesses, it would be a win for everyone.

Not only do other entrepreneurs reap the benefits of a downtown location, but the relationship with Proper that evolved because of the SBC has continued to bear fruit for Integro. Over the years, he’s suggested subtle adjustments that have proven to be invaluable. “Again, it’s because he took the time to understand the business,” Campion says. “Tim could look at it from his financial perspective to give us insights; it was a fresh set of eyes at opportune times.”

Campion feels fortunate to be invested in an area that provides both a central location for business logistics and diverse arts and recreational offerings that make life richer. Whatever comes next for this special part of North Carolina, he’s all in. “We’re happy to be in Salisbury and happy to contribute in any way we can.”