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Owning or managing a small business means wearing a lot of hats. F&M Bank and its trusted partners have created resources for our business customers that offload routine but necessary operational tasks. The result is that you’re free to focus on growing a successful company. Business Connections encompasses a long list of services you might not expect from your community bank and its associates—but will come to rely on. 

Background Screening

When hiring a new employee, it’s essential that you know exactly who you’re getting. Background screens allow you to make truly informed decisions that save on initial hiring costs, increase productivity and limit liability within your company. Our partner organizations offer very competitive prices for services such as criminal background checks, driving track records, social security number traces, registered sex offender checks, employee credit checks and employment/education and professional license verifications. 

Drug Testing

Drug testing is non-negotiable if you want to ensure a drug-free workplace. Substance abusers not only reduce productivity and morale, but they increase your odds for a workers’ compensation claim. Our trusted resources can also assist you in creating your drug-free workplace policy. 

Employee Benefit Services

Providing a range of valuable benefits is among the best ways to attract and retain key employees. F&M Bank empowers you do just that. Our Employee Benefits Services partner works with you to put together comprehensive packages, like retirement plans, insurance, health savings accounts and more. 

Emergency Response Plan

You can’t plan emergencies, but you can expect them to happen. An Emergency Ready Profile assessment is the first step in preparing your business for both natural and man-made disasters. More importantly, this F&M companion service allows you to design a plan for dealing with the unexpected. 

Payroll Services

Payroll is a constant “have to” that takes up a lot of valuable time. By delegating that job to F&M Bank’s partners, you free up precious hours while enjoying an affordable payroll/HR tracking solution. Customized reporting can be sent directly to your CPA and/or benefit providers, with online access to your information. You can also choose one-on-one Customer Service Representatives and accurate, timely filings of your tax payments. 

Human Resource Services

Protecting your business requires expert Human Resources knowledge. Give your small business the advantage of a dedicated HR department—minus the staggering costs—with corporate-level strategies and expertise from an F&M partner firm. Specializations include managing employee performance and establishing policies that keep you on the right side of the law. Select only the services you need, from on-call Q&A with HR professionals to regulatory compliance, all designed to provide peace of mind.