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You probably make automated payments to at least a few merchants, who keep your account numbers on file for that purpose. But when details of your account change—say, you get a new debit card—those merchants need to be updated on your new numbers. Mastercard’s Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) can help with that.

What is Mastercard's Automatic Billing Updater?

It’s a service where merchants can opt to receive updates about customer account changes, such as new debit card numbers. The goal is non-disruption to your account-on-file and automated payments.

What kind of automated payments might I have?

Many companies you do business with on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, yearly) offer automated payments, for both your convenience and theirs. You might have such arrangements with your:

  • Cell phone company
  • Utilities (power, water)
  • Gym
  • Subscription services like magazines, music or satellite radio 
  • Insurance companies
  • Charities 

Does ABU update all of my payees for me?

Unfortunately, no. Merchants must 1) opt into ABU participation and 2) check with enough regularity that they receive your new numbers before another payment is due. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact your automated payment merchants. You may be charged late fees and/or penalties if they don’t have valid numbers on file. 

What if I forget one of my automatic bills?

Simply log into F&M Bank Online Banking and look through your debit card transactions. When you see an automatic payment: go to the merchant’s site, log into your account there and update that account with your new card numbers. 

How do I know what merchants I need to update?

Although the ABU works for many merchants, we still recommend verifying your information with all of your automatic bills. If your biller is on this list, your card number should be updated. 


Can I chose to opt out of Automatic Billing Updater?

Yes. To opt out, simply contact F&M Bank at 704-279-7291.